Idol: The Final Countdown minus four ...

... or possibly three, maths was never my strong suite.

Chanel - my God, the shorts, the song, the ... the ... I have no words

Anthony - Dicko has signed with 7, he don't care that he just outed you

Casey - sweet, sweet girl, you got our vote

Courtney - the Doobies, they are SO over, come into the 21st Century ... please

Hayley - we still love you, regardless.

Prediction - bottom 3 - Chanel, Casey, Hayley.  Bye, bye Hayley ::sob:: 

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Courtney, don't lose Ricki's number!

Casey got our vote too.

So PG and I had a further discussion about Dicko last night. Stream of consciousness or on purpose? It was pretty clear what Marcia thought!
BM and I were like - did he just say that, Anthony looked a little deer in the headlights, and Marcia was spitting chips. We too discussed it, but really couldn't decide if it was deliberate or not. I've been moaning about missing shows like Dynasty, Dallas, Knot's Landing, you know the shows with over-the-top dramatics, don't need to anymore, Idol is filling the gap very nicely indeed.
Okay, quick Australian phrase question: Does spitting chips mean "spewing French fries" or is it like 'Fargo', with Marcia as the woodchipper and Dicko as Steve Buscemi?

Last night was Reality TV deluxo, a real Jerry Springer moment rather than 90210 I think, because it was so nakedly unscripted. I'm dying to see how this plays out on talkback radio. But I do feel sorry for Anthony, if he doesn't want his third button unbuttoned for a photo shoot, he sure doesn't want his sexual orientation discussed. Poor mite.
As I suspect it may be axe and wood chip related, the latter. Apart from knowing that the term means extremely angry, I have absolutely no idea of the phrase's antecedence.

Poor WEE mite - God I just had a sudden image of him as an AngelPuppet, but you know with Anthony not David Boreanaz ::wanders off for a Bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down::
Whoa, that's uncanny. See my latest post.

You and PG: separated at birth?

And who are that snogging couple?
Well that's just creepy. Couldn't agree more with PG, they all seem to have had their souls and minds removed, all to please the very fickle judges (come the revolution Marcia is the first one up against the wall). Everything that made them individuals seems to have been beaten out of them - does Chanel want to get out of Bega that badly, that she becomes a shell of herself (uh, oh another Whedon metaphor - they're all Illyrias, in one form or another, although I don't think any of them will be straddling worlds).

The snoggers - John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape, yet another of my favourite fandom pairings - I'm so the fangirl ... squee ...