The look of my journal

Well I've had a lot of fun changing the look of my LJ, adding pretty pictures, but I doubt that I will leave it that way for too long - makes me look a little too much like a fangirl - I'm 45 years old for pity sakes!!!! BUT  I worked it out all by myself, without anyone's help (i.e. know-all teenage son), so that makes me feel good, some days I really need that.
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I didn't mean to cover up DB!!! (I like the big brooding hulk, just not with Buffy) - funny on my screen it shows JM down the left side, and DB down the right - might just go back to a picture of Spike.

Don't mind being a fangirl (hey I've been to a couple of Star Trek conventions ... mmmm yummy Patrick Stewart ...) but maybe not so openly.
Speaking as a 41 year old who recently switched from a children's cartoon penguin to a nekkid guy behind bars, I salute you.

Speaking as a complete computer doorknob, who can barely comprehend html, I salute you once again.
How do I love days where both hubbie and son are home - my computer time gets severely limited.

Not so much knowing HTML, but finding the time to run throught the LJ user info (Manage - Customize), and then having an online photo storage place (Photobucket - free), and then fiddling and tweaking - lots of fun, if you've got the time and inclination, oh and a paid LJ account.
I'd like to take credit for the icon (it's rahirah's actually but LJ isn't showing keywords for icons ATM) - I haven't quite advanced to moving pictures yet, it made me really chortle the first time I ever saw it.