What a difference a week makes ...

Last Wednesday it was 38 degrees and stinking hot, today it's jumper cold and pissing down rain.  Almost summertime and the livin's very, very damp.

Currently not doing much of anything except waiting for the latest episode of Lost to download (32% complete and counting).  Really enjoying this series, and last week's David Fury scripted ep was very, very good, hopefully it continues to impress (not Buffy good but well worth watching - even BM told me to hold off watching until he's available).

Enjoying a newish book by Stephen Donaldson - his Thomas Covenant trilogies are amongst my all-time favourites.  Typically from Donaldson the hero is a washed-up ex-alcoholic private investigator with issues coming out his arse, but what can you expect - Thomas Covenant was a leper who raped a young female when he first arrived in the Land - and to think that the person who first recommended Donaldson to me, compared him to Tolkien - my little medieval, scholastic, chivalric, homosocial, twee British guy would roll over in his grave.

Off to prepare and cook a meat pie for tea.

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I really love the Thomas Covenant books - moreso than the rest of Donaldson's books (except his short stories). Mostly because the protagonist is so unlikeable, I think - he really makes it work.
It was such an intriguing premise, wasn't it - to have the 'hero' so patently dislikeable and so unable to believe in himself - I remember devouring the first 5 books in about a week, and then having to wait months for the release of the final book - picked it up finally, and didn't put it down until the early hours of the next morning, finished. Didn't much like Mordant's Need or the Gap series either.
Serendipidy is with me today. Just found out that there is a new Thomas Covenant book! The review addresses the whole Tolkein comparison issue as well. Interesting ...
Serendipitous indeed - checked out my local sci-fi bookstore - can pre-order for $58, or can order from Amazon, Aussie price $40 (NZ$43) - guess I know where I'll be ordering it from ::currently doing Numfar's dance of joy - new Thomas Covenant - yippee::
*grins* I think I'll wait a little while, myself. But I'll definitely get it at some stage!