Another one bites the dust

You don't know what you've got till it's gone ... all the best Marty!

ETA - We managed to vote for the bottom 3 - GO TEAM!!
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Isn't it funny how we both believed in the wisdom of the AI voting public before the federal election, and now we think they are Entirely Fucked? Could there be a correlation?
My head knew that Marty would go, but my heart wanted him to stay - he's about the only one that the judges haven't quite remade into the pop idol image - Ratty was doing very nicely in that transformation, and then the public realised, oh shit, she can't actually sing (although after listening to Guy at the Arias, that doesn't seem to be a criteria). They all seem to have been beaten down and lost all sense of individuality, and now I keep thinking that Anthony will win because the others just don't quite fit, and yeah I'm starting to not care a great deal either. Found it interesting that Our Livvie made the comment to the guys "stay true to who they are, and keep your individuality". Pity the judges don't agree.

Just to let you know - the graffiti is now our computer's wallpaper, and was received in this household with much mirth and merriment, and little concern at your homicidal tendencies, and no thought, at all, of an actual deranged student stalking the streets hunting down Liberal voters.