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One of those slow weeks - the osteoarthritis in my knees has been creating havoc, and I've been feeling down for various reasons. Probably spend too much time with my own company, miss the stimulus of uni, but am looking forward to seeing "Van Helsing" (oohh vampires, vampire hunters and the lovely long haired Hugh Jackman) with a friend tomorrow, so that's something at least.

Just watched the antepenultimate episode of Angel (NO spoilers here just vacuous ponderings), and thoroughly enjoyed it, and will again when I rewatch with hubbie this evening. I know it has upset a lot of people, knew it would when I was inadvertently spoiled ages ago, but I long ago decided to sit back and enjoy, and leave the deep analysis for others. I do that, but quietly and in my own way. I think it is very easy to forget about the big picture if focussed on a particular relationship or plot-line, or problems with discontinuity etc. I guess it boils down to the fact that sometimes I have to tell myself 'it's just a frickin' TV show, get over it', regardless of what I have learned in my cultural studies subjects where everything is a text, open for interpretation, full of subtext, layered, meta-ed, intertextualised, blah, blah, blah. Anyway two to go, for which I am totally unspoiled and plan to stay that way!

Must return to "my favourite Buffy episode project", and continue reviewing hubbie's job application.
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Yeah, you're right. But I still feel the hurt. It's the fictional relationship that has meant more to me than any before. Even more than Jane and Rochester and they were pretty big there for a while!

So, whose fic do you read?
Fic that I read, mmm, lot of the people that first drew me in are now lost to the Buffyverse, such as Ripe Wicked Plum, Sabershadowcat, Annie Sewell-Jennings, Devil Piglet - only know online names mostly. I tend to stick to angst free fics now, my little Spuffy heart was stabbed enough times by the damned show, (Herself being the exception but her storytelling is too good to pass up), loved Mary’s Journeys until the last chapter of Awakenings, too painful, so will probably only read the next part if and when it’s completed, and if I know that there is a guaranteed Spuffy ending. Tales of Spike, enjoy her stories, find her Spike voice very good; Ginmar’s Affinity was wonderful, Ever After is good too; Holly’s stories, Sang Et Ivoire, Vinum Et Rosae, Harbingers of Beatrice etc (once again, good Spike voice); love, love, love Barb Cummings trilogy; Kantayra, Kallysten; Caro (Spikewriter) - like Life in Sunnydale, and her new one, not sure about Seven Years in the Desert, but I think that is because Spike and Buffy are apart in that one; Alanna (Wisteria); love, love Mustang Sally and Rivkat’s Bowiehabarata (although they are not writing in the fandom anymore) -The Heart's Filthy Lesson, Serious Moonlight, Changes, Spiders from Mars; Cousin Jean (and Dancing Lessons); Sadbhyl; Mrs Muir (although sometimes I’ve had to skim over the ongoing angst in the Baby Series, and I find I tend to get addicted and have to know how it finishes, even if it is not always an enjoyable experience); oh and Nan Dibble - her Blood series is wonderful, and I really enjoy her take on vampire mythology; and Enigmaticblues - have been enjoying her stories lately, interesting take on various seasons of Buffy; and how could I forget Nautibitz!!. There’s probably more but those listed are the ones I keep an ongoing interest in, and looking at that list, I can now see why I get so little else done!

Now as you are listed as going to WriterCon I can only presume you write too - where can I find your stuff, if you don’t mind me reading it, or have I already done that but not known your name? My husband thinks that hearing Jane Espenson talk about the writing process would be far more interesting than seeing one of the actors - I tend to agree, and probably far less embarrassing, no squeeing fangirls, well at least not ones asking her to get her gear off. Am looking forward to reading various reactions to the WriterCon experience online. Teatime approaches, better sign off for now.