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One of those slow weeks - the osteoarthritis in my knees has been creating havoc, and I've been feeling down for various reasons. Probably spend too much time with my own company, miss the stimulus of uni, but am looking forward to seeing "Van Helsing" (oohh vampires, vampire hunters and the lovely long haired Hugh Jackman) with a friend tomorrow, so that's something at least.

Just watched the antepenultimate episode of Angel (NO spoilers here just vacuous ponderings), and thoroughly enjoyed it, and will again when I rewatch with hubbie this evening. I know it has upset a lot of people, knew it would when I was inadvertently spoiled ages ago, but I long ago decided to sit back and enjoy, and leave the deep analysis for others. I do that, but quietly and in my own way. I think it is very easy to forget about the big picture if focussed on a particular relationship or plot-line, or problems with discontinuity etc. I guess it boils down to the fact that sometimes I have to tell myself 'it's just a frickin' TV show, get over it', regardless of what I have learned in my cultural studies subjects where everything is a text, open for interpretation, full of subtext, layered, meta-ed, intertextualised, blah, blah, blah. Anyway two to go, for which I am totally unspoiled and plan to stay that way!

Must return to "my favourite Buffy episode project", and continue reviewing hubbie's job application.
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