October 4th, 2006


Thesis, schmesis

It could have been worse.  As expected a small multitude turned up for the free feed but could only stay 30 minutes or so.  I had problems with the projector connecting with my laptop, so Charlotte went first.  By the time she had finished half the audience had to leave, including the Head of English Studies (praise be for small mercies - yes, Caraway that's the strangely humoured French-Canadian).  Thankfully ClogMan (the Honours Co-ordinator - he wears clogs OK!) rushed off and got his laptop wish was happy to talk to the projector, and so I could show my PowerPoint presentation.  In appreciation of ClogMan's help I'm going to loan him my S1 Veronica Mars and S2 Deadwood boxsets - there's a man who appreciates the finer things in life.  On the other hand the lecturer who is guiding me through my first chapter thinks that VM is a little hard to believe!!!  No wonder I am finding his suggestions re my thesis direction so hard to cope with ... which leads me to my complaint of the day.  I'm finding it hard to cope with the multi-directional pulls from my supervisor and Research Methods lecturer on where I want to go with my thesis.  I already feel that I have veered severely from my initial premise, and I don't know whether I'm happy about that.  I do realise that PS (research methods lecturer) has my best interest at heart, but I don't know whether I will be happy writing the thesis that he wants me to write.  However as he said to me today if I follow his advice it could be the difference between a second class honours degree, or a first class ... I guess that is definitely something that has to be considered.

In the  meantime I now have to reflect on female icons of the second wave of feminism era (1960s-1970s), think Mrs Peel, WonderWoman, and how they differ from Buffy and Veronica in the post-feminist/third wave/GirlPower era ...  ... any thoughts, any suggestions ... Bueller, Bueller, anyone ...

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