September 13th, 2006


Guilty fannish obsession

Ok, I've finally worked out the bad boy / good girl obsession as I've just spent much internet time catching up on Days of Our Lives since I read that Patch and Kayla are returning (we're a few months behind downunder, but not as much as we used to since the show was fast-tracked about 3 years, a few months ago).  In my stay-at-home with baby days Patch and Kayla were my obsession, totally and completely.  I guess I transferred that to other relationships later on, Buffy/Spike, Veronica/Logan, and I think in some ways Aeryn/John, although that's gender transgressive, as Aeryn's the bad girl and John's the good boy.  C'mon we all love the bad boy!!

Well, that's the epiphany for the day.  Back to uni stuff.
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