August 3rd, 2006


At least uni's sorted

Got the go ahead from the Honours Co-ordinator to drop a subject, so that's a relief.  I'm continuing with Research Methods and dropping US Literature, mostly because Research Methods is not credited (we have to do it but there are no marks for it), and there are no essays/assignments as such.  There seems to be a quantum leap from third year subjects to Honours subjects - instead of 1500-2500 words for an essay, it's 3000-4000 words, and secondary research is expected at a much higher level.  Obviously I had some idea that working at Honours level would be different to other undergraduate classes - I just don't think I'm ready at the moment, all things considered.  Next year all will be good :she says, crossing various appendages::

Part of the work we are doing in Research Methods is putting together a mock funding application for our thesis.  This of course means I have to know what my thesis is - uh oh ...  so by next week I have to have a Project Title - 20 words or less - what is my thesis about, and a Summary of the Project - in a 100 words summarise aims, significance and expected outcomes.  Supposedly by the end of the semester I will also have written my introductory chapter for said thesis, but in the meantime back to that Project Title & Summary.  I can feel my brain hurting already.
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