June 12th, 2006


Thank you Mr Whedon

J refused to watch Veronica Mars after Paris Hilton guest starred - he has certain principles after all.  However, the local TV station that showed only 10 episodes of S1 before taking it off air, is now bringing it back and using Joss' praise of the show (Best. Show. Ever.) to advertise it.  J has obviously decided that Joss is more worthy of attention than his own mother ::sigh, situation normal::  He has started to watch my dvds tonight ... although that may also be because the newest Deadwood is taking a hell of a long time to download.

Australia vs Japan tonight!!!!!!  And I don't even follow soccer ... but we're in the World Cup ... for the first time in 32 years, and no-one rates us a chance.  To be an Aussie, you have to love the underdog, and we love the best and strongest when we are THE underdog.  Go the Socceroos!!!!!!!
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