June 9th, 2006


All by myself, finally ...

BM and J were scheduled to go away for a couple of days on BM's bike (BMW K1100 thingie) but they sort of forgot that J was only 16 the last time he pillioned with BM, and this time he's bigger, taller, heavier, and the bike was fully loaded with panniers, and sleeping bags, and of course it was raining, so they had on all their heavy wet-weather gear, and there simply wasn't enough room for both of them on the bike to travel comfortably or safely, so around the block they rode, back into the garage, and threw all their stuff into the car instead, and an hour later started the trip again.

Must admit I feel better knowing that they're in the car - madness ensues on the roads when it's wet, and it's a long weekend here (happy belated birthday dear Queen Lizzie), so the roads will be busy with holiday traffic.  J was happy, he got to take the laptop so he can finish watching S2 Deadwood, if he gets bored talking to BM's mates.  J has expressed an interest in getting a motorbike himself (yikes!), so BM thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to other riders and discuss bikes etc etc, PLUS father/son bonding.  Oh, I wish I could be a fly on the wall for those particular moments.  BM and J are so similar that I usually end up being the referee.  This time they can fight it out themselves.

So it's just us girls for the next couple of days (that's me and my little dog Anya).  I'm enjoying the peace and quiet - no X-Box game blaring in the background from J's room or music that would make your ears bleed leaking out of the computer room.  I'm currently sitting at the computer, having a beer and watching the rain fall out the window.  Bliss.

ETA:  In preparation for the Soccer World Cup I'm watching Bend It Like Beckham (great little film) - not that I'm expecting much from the World Cup - after all we have drawn Brazil in our group.  After 32 years you would have thought the soccer Gods would have been kinder ... oh well, Australia will have a brief glimpse of soccer fame ...  ... ... 
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