June 7th, 2006


Weltschmerz ... what a lovely word, and very descriptive of how I'm feeling RIGHT now

  1. World pain - a wonderful phrase, especially since LJ just gobbled up my post that I spent 30 minutes composing.  I'll never reprise it all ::kicks stupid LJ::

  2. Feeling that inevitable letdown now that the semester is over, considering that if I wasn't a masochist and continuing to Honours, I could be graduating with my BA in July.  Why was it a good idea to continue?

  3. Was contacted by my possible Honours supervisor today - why do the following sentences fill me with academic terror - "GD contacted me about supervising your Honours thesis on Buffy and Veronica Mars. It would be great to meet up with you to hear more about your ideas and to discuss a forward plan."  Arrrggghhhh ... what have I gotten myself into?

  4. LJ cartharsis - if you think I'm incredibly boring and can't remember why you added me to your flist, please feel free to 'unfriend' me.  I won't be emotionally distraught or suicidal if you want to be set free of me - most days I'd like to be set free of me, so I completely understand and won''t hold it against you.

  5. I'm totally loving the new Dr Who, and yes I DO like David Tennant, regardless of his perceived faults.  I'm also mightily pleased that I've finally converted the offspring to Dr Who - he was just as pissed off with the words "to be continued" as I was!

  6. My 7 week hiatus from academia will be spent watching S2 Battlestar Galactica, The Lone Gunmen (finally available at a reasonable price for Region 4 dvd), Roswell (it's a thing, don't ask), S1 & S2 Veronica Mars and S1 & S2 Deadwood.

  7. I have nothing else - should probably go to bed.
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