June 5th, 2006



I hate writing essays.  I'm madly attempting to finish my last ever essay for my BA at the moment (due to be handed in by 5pm today) and I'm struggling.  If I press the word count button one more time it may explode.  I'm up to 1200, only need another 1300 ::sob::  Fidelity in text to screen adaptation looking at Shakespeare's Richard III plus Al Pacino's Looking for Richard plus Bridget Jones's Diary, the book and the movie, really is not a fun way to spend a rainy Monday.  I can only imagine what writing 15000 words for my Honours thesis will be like but at least this time I've chosen the texts.  I mean how easy will it be to write that many words about Buffy and Veronica Mars - it's doable, right, right ....

I'm also hoping that once this essay is complete that my eczema will disappear as I'm back on cortisone tablets to reduce the inflammation and itching.  Have a whole boatload of health things on hold at the moment that I must attend to very soon such as a pap smear and breastscreen, and possibly allergy testing if the welts turn out not to be nervous eczema.  Getting old is just great, and I still have menopause to look forward to - yea hah!!

Think I'll go bang my head against the desk for a bit longer, or possibly make lunch.

ETA: It's done, handed in with 10 minutes to spare.  It's nowhere need the word limit, but after 8 years I don't give a damn.  I only need 4/40 to get a Pass, so that's fine by me.
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