May 16th, 2006


YES!!!! Gotta love Academia!!!!!

Had meeting with English Literature Honours Co-ordinator today. Looks like I'll be starting my Honours year in Spring Semester 2006 (WOOT!!), as long as I pass this last subject, that is. I've fulfilled the entry requirements in both my Eng Lit and Cultural Studies majors (qualified at University of Wollongong for the award of a relevant pass bachelor degree, with an average of at least 70% across the major in which the Honours degree will be undertaken, with the additional requirement of a Distinction in two subjects at 300 level in the specific major). So now I just need to decide if it will be a straight English or Cultural Studies Honours, or a cross discipline one.

We also discussed my possible subject for the Honours Thesis, and when I mumbled something about textual analysis of two TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars, and comparison of the female protagonists in a high school setting, he seemed quite enthusiastic about the topic, and felt I would have no difficulty in getting a supervisor for such a project (yippee!!! - I get to write about Buffy and Veronica, I so love academc studies today!!!!!!). We then went on to discuss Joss Whedon and Firefly (he's only just found out about the series) - I told him he must watch it, because of the self-referential and self-reflexive way that Joss deals with tropes of the western. Hey, I can sound mildly academically intelligent when I need to!

Sheesh, reality sets in ... 15,000 words on one topic ... gawd, what have I got myself into ...

Here's a poll to find out what you think, and make LJ happy because it keeps telling me I can creat a poll - so here it is.

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