May 4th, 2006


Moving right along

I'm in some weird medical cyclical hell - if I'm not suffering from some form of bronch/sinus/tonsil-itis, I'm covered in allergic spots.  So at the moment my cough is improving, but I'm now breaking out in itchy red spots all over.  Maybe the spots are psychological - J has a selection exam / interview for an apprenticeship tomorrow, and I have a presentation for uni next week (which I loathe and detest - me and public speaking - so NOT mixy).  Obviously my internal stress is becoming a physical entity.

Have enjoyed watching my shows this week (thank you Optus for my new downloading capacity) - I've tried not to spoil anyone.

- Dr Who rocked.  I got all teary seeing Sarah-Jane and K-9.
- Gilmore Girls - hmmm ... so it is true about the main actors, they don't even appear on screen together anymore.  Is there going to be a 6th season?
- Veronica Mars - OK, what's left for the season finale?  Pleased to see I actually figured out a plot device before it was revealed (Go Me!) - the hair that BBC (that's Big Breasted Charisma) collected from Logan's shower, played an important role ...

Still downloading the new Lost - will catch it tomorrow.

Off to bed early so I can get J up in time for his appointment tomorrow ::fingers, toes etc crossed::

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