May 1st, 2006


Just shoot me now

Boy, am I sick of being sick - feels like I've had the flu since February.  Have another bout of sinusitis and bronchitis, and am again on antiobiotics.  I think my immune system must be shot to hell - maybe it's part of getting old and decrepit, and I still have menopause to look forward to - can hardly wait.  

Consequently my two week uni break has, in no way, been as productive as I would have liked - between bathroom renovation chaos and the flu from hell, I have not even managed to finish reading the book I'm presenting on, let alone start working on my presentation.  Least I've got another week to go - hopefully the antibiotics will kick in in a day or so, and I won't feel like hacking up a lung all the time.  In the meantime I have to watch Bridget Jones Diary for this afternoon's lecture (and there's a phrase I never thought I would write!!).

Finally managed to find a reasonable torrent of the latest Dr Who (13 minutes to go!!!!!!), so will treat myself to that this afternoon ::yummy, yummy Mr Tennant::  Off to doing some shopping.
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