April 13th, 2006


Just call me SpottyWoman

Have broken out in some gigantic allergy, so have itchy spots all over torso and legs.  Can't work out what it is a reaction to - haven't changed washing powder/soaps etc.  The danger of the internet, of course, is the self diagnosis one can make through a bit of indiscriminate Googling.  I have been eating quite a lot of rockmelon lately, and apparently that can trigger an allergic reaction.  Can't think of any other dietary change - very weird, but I most definitely have the spots to prove otherwise.  Am now on prednisone tablets & cream, and hayfever tablets as well.  Hopefully this will do something because the itching is driving me berserk.  Maybe it just another sign of getting old - your body falls apart on you. ::heavy, heavy sigh::

Easter break coming up - BM is heading down the coast to a mate's holiday 'block' tomorrow with said mate, and I'm following with mate's wife on Saturday for overnight stay.  Convivial company, good food, and much wine - should be an enjoyable break away from home.

Best wishes to every one during this weekend, to those who celebrate Easter or Passover, or those who will just have a gigantic chocolate-gasm.  Safe and happy travelling to anyone taking a break.

"Freedom is taken, not given."
- Ahad Haam (Zionist, 20th c. Thinker)

::Taps foot patiently:: Two hours until I can watch new Veronica Mars.  Seed damn you, seed!!
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Here's hoping ...

Jake has been shortlisted for a job. ::Fingers/toes/sundry appendages crossed::

Onto other things: "My favourite albums meme", courtesy of kassto

20 Top Albums - and can I say how I mightily peeved I am that several Australian groups/ albums weren't found, or that I had to select 'Best Of" type albums, rather than a particular album ...

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