March 30th, 2006


Happy Anniversary To Me

It's been two years since I dipped my toe into LJ.  I initially signed up so I could comment on some fanfic - thank you herself_nyc for the impetus.  I did little more than comment.  I was encouraged by kassto to start posting.  I started to friend people.  One of the first was caraway_ because we connected on many levels.  I slowly became more brave and friended more people, even though they were far above me in the Buffydom stratosphere i.e fer1213.  They still made me feel welcome and part of the Spuffy community - THANK YOU!!!  I found people who shared my love of the Whedonverse, I found writers who allowed me to continue my love of Spuffy, and I found people whom I just damn well liked because of who they were.  I've even had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of those people in real life.  Over the last two years I have continued to expand my LJ friendship, sharing the love for our fandoms, but also connecting on other more personal levels.  For a stay-at-home mum/wife, you have been my lifeline on many occasions.  It makes such a difference knowing that somewhere out there, there will be someone who is interested in your little (or large) domestic problems, someone who is happy to provide advice or a word of encouragement, or a note of humour.  I didn't think that when I first created my LJ that it would have the impact on my life that it has, but I would now like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have made my LJ experience the positive thing that it has been.  I may not have mentioned you all, but each and everyone of you hold a special place.  Here's to the next year!!!!!!!!

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