March 27th, 2006

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I hate writing essays, in fact I'd rather be poked in the eye with a blunt stick

Spent the day writing the most garbled, incoherent essay I have ever written.  I have spent the last few days attempting to understand the question with no apparent success.  My goal today was just to fill up as many pages as was possible with some sort of close approximation to an answer to the question, which was as follows for anyone remotely interested:

Consider and comment on Brian McFarlane’s adaptation of Roland Barthes’s theories concerning narrative functions.  In particular, use Archie Weller/Sally Riley’s (short story, screenplay and film) to explain, support or contest the following argument:

“The most important kind of transfer possible from novel to film are located in the category of functions proper, rather than that of indices, though some elements of the latter will also be seen to be (partly) transferable.  Barthes further subdivides functions to include cardinal functions (or nuclei) and catalysers.  Cardinal functions are the ‘hinge-points’ of narrative: that is, the actions they refer to open alternatives of consequence to the development of the story; they create ‘risky’ moments in the narrative and it is crucial to narrativity … that the reader recognizes the possibility of such alternative consequences …  [W]hen a major cardinal function is deleted or altered in the film version of a novel … this is apt to occasion critical outrage and popular disaffection.”

Nope, absolutely no idea what it means, and I've read it over and over, even the whole chapter that the quote is taken from - must admit Barthes, et al and semiotics usually has me screaming in sheer incoherent frustration.

To add to my crappy day, when I went to print off the essay, after most assuredly saving it on the laptop, and then e-mailing it to myself, so I would receive it on the desktop, the version I opened was the original 30 word document I started on this morning - not the 1200 word one I saved at 4:10pm today.  Massive panic attack, frantic calls to lecturer, more panic attacks, and then I slowly calmned down and started searching for the document.  It was saved under temp docs because I had originally opened it from an e-mail (DUH!!!).  Finally handed it in with 5 minutes to spare.

Now all I need to do is read Richard III for tomorrow.

P.S.  kassto I've finally received my copy of Ultraviolet (the dvd company apparently has a different definition of "in stock").  Looking forward to talking to you about the show!


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