March 22nd, 2006


Oooohhhh ... I'm all a'flutter

The new X-Box 360 is finally being released in Australia at midnight tonight!!!!  Apparently from J's reaction this is how I should be feeling.  It's like the second coming - well in a way it is.  It's the second generation X-Box.  Mr Gates must be so proud of his new baby.  J will be attending the midnight revival session where young males will gather and worship their new God, and take the little green and black boxes home to cherish and play with for many days to come.  Just as well J lives vampire hours.  At least I managed to get in and clean his room today, probably won't have that chance again for days, maybe even weeks ... ...

Must admit to being heartily sick of our national anthem,  After winning 54 gold medals so far in the Commonwealth Games, our national dirge has been played over and over and over.  Now I'm over it, although any song that includes the word girt is almost always a winner, "our home is girt by sea".

My bronchitis and pneumonia are abating, and the nagging cough is now almost non-existent.

Studiously avoiding the essay I need to complete by next Monday ::sigh::
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