February 26th, 2006


Yep, I'm officially old

There we were on the oldies table at the 21st party last night, but we still stayed till the end, if only to keep our friends company (the birthday girl's parents).  One of the sweet young thangs even tried to get us to dance - old, old, old we now are.  We bop, just in our seats!!  Of course the slideshow I had created, and tested and tested again,  had a minor stall in its presentation - we couldn't get the sound working, but eventually did, and without the help of some young man who tried to rescue us - hey Merv used to run the audio-visual section of the Arts Dept at the uni, Bruce is a electronics technician by trade, and I'm more than capable of opening a computer programme.  We may be old, but we're NOT feeble minded (yet!).  Caught up with a friend who I don't see much of, and managed to sit on the opposite side of the table from the woman whom I don't much like.  It was all good.  Got home around midnight, and then sat up watching Rage (an MTV like show) and chatting with J (and drinking, not so of the good - ask my head today) until about 2:30am.  Tired and hungover, I be today.

Busy week ahead - uni Mon/Tues, and then trying to get everything organised for our trip next Sat.   Heading to Grenfell for the weekend and my brother's 60th bash, the south to Albury and Melbourne for just over a week - WOO HOO!
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