February 17th, 2006


The youth of today (plus a small plea)

I bought tickets over the internet for J and two mates to see "KORN + Disturbed + Hatebreed + 10 Years".  Doesn't just the names make you want to rush off and listen to their songs (and I use the term songs in a very loose definition of melodic musical compositions). 

Back to uni on Monday - ooh, thought the Arts Department had banned 9:30am lectures.   Now all I can hope is that Gerry has found some new jokes since I last took his classes.  I also managed to buy two of the novels for the subject off eBay - Bridget Jones' Diary for $4.45 (bookshop price $22, and The Orchid Thief for $16 (bookshop price $25).  Hugs eBay.

I spoke to J about the banning of the video game (see previous post).  Let me just say that J has very strong opinions and can be very vocal in said opinions.  It sort of turned into a political rant - preaching to the choir, J.

Off to watch Miami Vice: The Definitive Collection -  ahh, Tubbs and Crockett ...

Outlook just crashed on me, and I've lost all my contacts. If I had anybody's private e-mail address, could you please send me a message at hasler.mcdonald@bigpond.com so I can re-add it to my address book. This time I will write the damn things down in hard copy as well!!

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