January 19th, 2006


Fandom is a funny thing ...

Gawd, stay away from LJ for a couple of days, and the fandom implodes all over the place.  It's especially funny considering my antithesis towards continuing to Honours when I finish my BA is all because I keep thinking that the time for my Buffy thesis has well and truly come and gone (and I have no burning passion for any other topic), but apparently there is still life in it, even if it is on LJ.  I sometimes wonder if there is as much passion for other fandoms, but I guess I'll never know because no other show as consumed me as much as Buffy, and probably never will.  It coincided with my online life, and as we all know, one feeds the other.  Still for my two bob's worth, I like S7 of Buffy, despites its' flaws and inherent weaknesses.  In the words of Principal Snyder it 'proved more or less adequate'.  Another thing I ponder is whether there is a difference in a fan who came in late to the show, or one who has watched since the beginning.  Do you have more of a fondness for the season that drew you in to start with, if say you started watching in S6, or do you view it more as a complete text if you watched from the very beginning?  My non-shipping son adored S7, believing that it brought the show full cycle, returning to the school, and the concepts laid out in S1 (he and I have been viewers since it first aired here back in 97?).  Obviously what 'ship you ship effects how you see the show - does this permanently disable you from viewing the show objectively?  I don't have any answers, (it could be 42), but I have fun pondering the questions.  As the computer says, "I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

In other matters, today is our 21st wedding anniversary.  Time flies.

J has headed off to his salesman job today, after two days training.  He looked very handsome (no I'm not biased) in his black dress pants and maroon business shirt. Once I have a data cable I will download a photo of him from my new phone (oooh, the joy of new toys). Wish him all the luck in the world, but won't be surprised if it turns into a short term prospect, hopefully after he's enjoyed some hard earned cash, and moves on to other ventures.  Some jobs can be soul destroying.

The slide show for my brother's 60th birthday is complete, and now burnt to a video cd for viewing.  Of course it will not meet my other brother's approval, but nothing else I've done in 47 years has anyway, so why should this project be any different?

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