January 6th, 2006


Arrrhhhgg ... scrub my eyeballs

I've told J again and again and again - he must give me a warning if he's watching S4 or S5 Buffy.  I just walked into his room and encountered a larger than needed Riley on his new 72cm TV screen.  I'll have nightmares all night.
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This is me, kicking my arse into gear

Have to pull my self out of holiday mode. I've been chuffing along on my merry way, making plans for trips away etc etc, when it suddenly hit me - umm, Deb, you still have a uni subject to complete this semester - duh!!

So, my middle brother (the titular head of my family, and yes that can be read with a sarcastic tone) is organising a 60th birthday party for my eldest brother (whether he wants it or not). I have been allocated the task of collecting photos of my brother, from birth onwards, and collating them into a slide show with narration and music!! Piece of cake, well it will be, but just a tad time consuming, and of course I will have to send copies to my brother as we go along to ensure I'm doing it right (insert sarcastic note again), plus there will be numerous phonecalls to ensure that I'm moving along with the project. This is the same brother who rang me five times in the space of a day to make sure 1) I collected Mum from the train station 2) we made it safely to airport hotel 3)that we were up in time to get to the airport 4) that I made sure Mum got on the right plane 5) that Mum had arrived safely in Cairns (I'm 46 for fuck's sake, not 6, I can organise myself and my doddery 84 year old mother!!!). Oops I digress, this has turned into a brother rant ... Spoke to soon - just received an e-mail from him, looks like it's going to be a long 2 months.

We have to travel to my hometown for the weekend of 4/5 March to celebrate this auspicious event, and we thought while we were out and about, we could continue on to Melbourne (before or after the birthday bash) and spend time with the wonderful caraway_, and her ever patient family. I've been merrily making plans when it suddenly dawned on me that uni starts back on Feb 20, and I'll have, like, lectures and seminars to attend (I'm not blonde for nothing). Missing a couple of lectures won't be a problem, and seminar allocation is done online, so that's not a problem, but you need to be in class to select a seminar presentation, otherwise you can get stuck with a really sucky book or movie to present on ... may have to sort something out with the lecturer, I guess.

Tomorrow BM and I are doing some room re-arranging - moving cupboards, desks etc, to make a study space for the laptop. Currently the desk is in the study with the PC, which kind of defeats the purpose of the laptop as a separate study/work/leisure unit. Thankfully the weather forecast is for more cool weather with showers.

caraway_ here are some muppet icons - hope there's some you like!!!!

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