Ask, and ye shall receive

For those who asked about the Buffy reunion:

The event was held at the Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio) in LA (I think) on April 20. I’ve put some links below, sweet_ali  especially has a heap of links to articles, pictures and videos (I’ve checked with her and it’s fine to link to her post – she says she’s going to update soon with more links as well). Enjoy the Buffy love!!!
 - Scroll down to March 21 – articles start from there.
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Thank you! That's my Friday evening shot...

SMG: Too. Damn. Skinny. Eat, girl! Also, oddly awkward and shy.
MT and AB: Both rather smart, which pleases me.
CC: I agree, Cordy should have had more sex with Angel.
SG: My God. I love that man.
NB: Either he's on drugs or he should be.
JM: So perfect, so long as his mouth is shut.