Mother/son bonding, or how much do I love my Buffy loving son

A conversation yesterday between myself and son:

J:       So what costume can I wear to a Halloween party?

Me:   What party, where, with whom?

J:       New friends from school, in ::insert suburb name here::

Me:   Not sure, what sort of costume do you want to wear?

J:       I  could do what Oz did, and go as God (4:4 Fear, Itself - Oz goes dressed as usual, but with a sticker on his shirt that says God).

Me:   I really liked Oz (discussion of Oz, and his existential thoughts in 3:18 Earshot)

J:      Oz was cool.

Me:   And besides if anyone at the party was a Buffy fan, then they'd think you were in costume as Oz as God.

J:       That would work too, cos Oz was a werewolf which goes with the Halloween theme (son wanders off ).

Seeing as my whole reason for first watching Buffy was to share something with J (before it took over my life and totally consumed it), it's nice to think that even though the shows have ended, we can still have shorthand discussions like that.   I've actually been feeling a bit melancholic about the Jossverse this week - as I've been downloading a couple of episodes of TV series currently airing in America, I've just realised that this is the first season for a very long time, in which there will be no new Joss shows, and as cranky as he may have made some of us, I still think TV is the less without him.

J seems to be really enjoying his new school - had two tests this week, topped Maths and Biology (77%), so he's seems to be in a really good place with himself, feeling more self-confident and enthused about learning, hope this continues apace.  Bad enough that they get so much bloody crap put on them about getting decent UAIs (uni admission index) etc, without the added pressure of being terribly unhappy about the school.  Here's hoping.


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That's great news about J! Y'know, that's how I got sucked into Buffy as well? We got cable, Buffy in syndication was on the sci-fi channel at 8 p.m. every night, and I was so freaking tired of hearing about Dragonball Z and that other dreck from BIB (remember, he was only 9 during s6 Buffy). The next thing I know, I'm online and looking for Spike fic....

Anyhow, I think his costume choice is perfect and he'll pull all the girls (or boys, I don't want to make assumptions).
J and I started watching it way back, 1997 I think. I sank myself into the naughtiness of online fic in 2000, and am still searching (although it's mighty scarce on the ground these days).
Ohh, and heterosexual, most definitely, "not that there's anything wrong with that", to quote Seinfeld.