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New beginnings, old feelings

J just headed off to his new school - takes me back to that day so many years ago, when he headed off to school for the first time.  It never gets easier, saying those little goodbyes, goodbye to babyhood, bye to getting kissed (but Mummmmmm ...), bye to picking up from school (I'm a big boy now), and one day, in the not too distant future, goodbye from our home.  I think I'm making myself cry (although that still could be the residual feeling from the election).  Hope this move is everything that we hope for, and more importantly everything J needs to have a great final year at school.

Final thoughts on the election, and here I will quote someone else:

"We have a man leading this country who does not understand the people he is meant to lead, and does not understand the times for which he must govern.

This government has debased Australians' greatest national characteristics - the egalitarianism and courage which makes us a great people.  We are a great people, and we do not deserve the meanness, the timidity and the prejudice of this Government.

It is time for Australia to turn to Labor again, because in an uncertain world, it is Labor's idea of community, and of society, which can provide all Australians with the security and opportunity that are their right as citizens of a great and confident nation". Kim Beazley, 20 January 1998

Australia you will learn in the next 3 years that there are more important issues than the money in your pocket.  You were told, but you didn't listen.

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