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The election results

I'm just booking my tickets for Egypt as I'm going to be living in the land of de Nile for the next 3 years. 

Australia you deserve the government you voted for - don't come whinging to me.

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Oooh. I didn't think you'd be happy. Just wait 'til Bush gets re-elected and then there'll be a whole LOT of really angsty LJers.

Whereas I'm just going tralalalala. Finished Mary's Journeys part 2, and zoomed through the drafty bits of part 3. Does she not have time to work on it properly? I thought the end of part 2 was a bit out of the blue -- bit jarring -- didn't quite work for me.
Not a happy camper at all, will be interesting to see what happens with Bush and Blair.

Re Journeys - it was jarring, wasn't it - I kinda get a little peeved at the Buffy's a bitch, Spike's a saint storylines. After I finished that chapter I've never revisited the story, unlike a lot of others that I have read & printed off. Now just following it to see where she was going with it, don't know whether she just hasn't got the time, or has simply lost the love for the story.
You MUST read onetwomany's latest post for her election analysis. She wanted Howard out but has some very harsh words for the ALP. She does very sharp political analysis. Actually I know you do read her because I've seen your comments on her posts.

I think the problem with Journeys is that it is horrendously overwritten. It could have been edited down to half the length. No wonder she ran out of juice. All the issues she is obviously starting to raise in part 3 could easily have been dealt with in the amount of words she used in parts 1 and 2. She seriously needs someone to edit her down. Look at Necessary Evils -- it's about the same length as Journeys 1 and 2 but has a huge story going on with tons of plot and character development and everything is all tidied up and worked out. Writers need to control themselves.
onetwomany's analysis was spot on (read it this morning) - the ALP have to do some serious analysis themselves.

"Journeys" - couldn't agree more, Barb C's stories are wonderful - she is currently doing such a great Angelus, and her vampedWesley is so believable, I sort of had to skim over the last chapter because they freaked me out so much.
That IS a lovely pic of JM and DB. They're not getting any uglier, are they...

POM is a great yarn. I've only read up to chapter 6 and her Angelus scared the shit out of me. Did you know I beta-ed her POM chapter 3? (pathetic name-dropping here)

Onetwomany is an interesting combination of views. Obviously a Labor sympathiser yet a war supporter too. And a realist and pragmatist. I once got into a fight with her over JM. (Second name-drop). Oh, and I once got into a fight with Ginmar over Camille Paglia (third....)

Sorry, no other BNF news!
Briefly allowed time on computer - thank heavens school resumes tomorrow!

JM/DB - the 'sanctioned' photo for their upcoming Halloween appearance in Britain - pretty boys indeed.

Well .... I've already told my Wilcox story, and the Australian Idol one won't work for you (my nephew-in-law went to the wedding of the 2nd placed contestant from last year's competition - niece in hospital with baby), feeling slightly out of the loop, you name dropper you!!!!

Out of the closet - yes I vote Labor (and Green)- as if you couldn't guess, and I'm damn proud of it - Gough Whitlam is my all time political hero, pity the current ALP doesn't meet my expectations, but Little Lyin' Johnny doesn't either.
I remember as a young thing finding the whole story of Whitlam being chucked out of office completely enthralling. There was a wonderful Aussie TV series made of it, called The Dismissal, and I'll never forget the scene near the end where Whitlam comes out on the balcony and makes this amazing speech to his supporters. Everyone has been played by actors up until then, but you see the actor playing Whitlam walking along this corridor and as he steps out on to the balcony, it cuts to real news footage and Whitlam doing his ``Kerr's cur'' thing.

So why was Onetwomany saying in her analysis that Whitlam should have stayed out of things?

I actually found Mark Latham quite appealing. But I'm a big supporter of Howard's stand on the war. Your domestic stuff I don't know squit about, but I get the impression that you guys are generally a lot better off than us in terms of wages, and social benefits eg relatively free health and education.
Political rant to follow - feel free to ignore
Ahh yes, the speech on the steps of parliament house "well may you say God save the Queen, for nothing will save the Governor-General". Re Latham & Whitlam - Latham holds Whitlam's electorate, and Gough is a 'mentor' to Mark - think Latham may also have worked for Gough at one time. Suspect Onetwomany's comments may reflect a generational gap more than anything else. My first vote went to Gough (he didn't win) but it was a time of extraordinary changes in Australian society - his govt in a very small time period changed the fabric of our society - Medicare, no fault divorce, welfare for single parents, free tertiary education for all, multicultural policies, Arts funding, etc etc. Don't think that people in their 20s & 30s understand that - all they can see is that they have to work to support the Baby Boomers who benefited from all that largesse, and they are paying huge HECS (uni) debts, and locked into humungous mortgages.

generally a lot better off than us in terms of wages, and social benefits eg relatively free health and education

This is the problem in a nutshell, we have become too complacent, too comfortable, and don't give a toss about anything beyond our own backyards. This is what appealed to the voters - Howard's promises to line their pockets - stuff the environment, stuff the public education and health system, stuff the war, stuff the refugees - just keep the interest rates down, and make it easy for us to educate our kids in private schools, and we'll follow you anywhere. Compounding this we know have support for fundamental Christian groups, who support only heterosexual marriages, think single parents are an abomination, etc etc and this group ("Families First" - yeah but whose families) looks like it will hold the balance of power in our Senate. I can't remember ever being so concerned about the state of our nation. Rant ends.
Re: Political rant to follow - feel free to ignore
Oh dear, I fear you would find me a terrible conservative, and if you met me, would not like me at all!

I think the world is actually a better place now than it has ever been. But that's just me!

Hankering for good Spuffy fic -- must make a list to share with yourself and like-minded people so we can share the less-known goodies. Sangga was an author you recommended, didn't you.
Re: Political rant to follow - feel free to ignore
I may be an hoary old leftie, but I don't dislike people because they have different political opinions to me, I appreciate and respect anyone who has convictions and stands by them. On some issues you and I shall simply agree to disagree.

Spuffy fic - yes there is such a pall at the moment. Noticed Nan Dibble has finished another chapter of Blood Rites, though I'm not particularly enamoured with Spike as Ethan's pet, so I'm tending to skim this story, rather than devour every word. Hopefully Barb C. will have some more POM soon. Will look forward to your list, will go through stuff I've saved and see if there's anything there for you as well. Yeah, it was me who recommended Sangga's stories - hope you enjoyed them.
You can just move to NZ, hon – you’d be more than welcome here!