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Buffy and Melbourne

Had a couple of weird moments in Melbourne.  Firstly it was through Buffy that I 'met' caraway_ online, and so got to meet her face-to-face in Melbourne.  It seemed appropriate then that one of the pay tv channels at the hotel was running Slayerfest7, and playing Season 7 over 3 days.  When I first turned on the TV, Beneath You was just finishing, as I looked up at the door, I noticed some words scribbled on a sign Same Time, Same Place, and sure enough that was the next episode of Buffy - weird to the max.

Election day - I am so depressed at the thought of that lyingratbastardweasel as our PM for another term, but I suspect that will be the end result.  Don't know whether to avoid TV altogether tonight or just take the pain as the results come through.  Off to vote.

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