Melbourne, or There and Back Again

I have managed to wrestle some computer time for myself, so here's a few comments on the trip to Melbourne.

Firstly, the train trip down was great, our own sleeper compartment, shower/toilet cubicle, all very refined.  The trip back, not so great - nine and half hours on train, an hour and half on cramped bus - my poor old arthritic knees complained severely, but it was worth it because it was a great weekend away, and we didn’t come home to devastation, no wild teenage parties, complaints from neighbours - J even managed to do the washing up.  


Did the usual touristy stuff - saw Federation Square, went to the museum, saw Pharlap (big, bloody horse that he was), Botanic Gardens, immigration museum (nothing changes just the people that we won’t let in does), did the city circle tram ride, caught zillions of trams (god only knows why the PTB got rid of them in Sydney), hired a car, went out to the Dandenongs, looked at more gardens and dams and stuff, but did it all at a leisurely pace.  Totally enjoyable break.


BM was most impressed with Melbourne - commented on how much cleaner it is compared to Sydney.  I was impressed with the politeness of the drivers, no road rage anywhere, can’t say the same for Sydney, or even Wollongong.  It had a really different feel to it, can’t explain it, just seemed less brash than Sydney, more seemly, for want of a better word.


Of course the highlight of the weekend was meeting caraway_ and her family.  Had a lovely chat with BigIdeaBoy and SuperGirl, got to meet their guinea pig, and discuss names for their yet to be acquired rabbit - our Anya would probably be scared of the bunny, not the bravest dog in the world, but she looks really cute, and dances crazy when she greets any of us!!


caraway_ and her husband made us feel very welcome - strange to meet people this way via the internet, but they were everything I expected, gracious and funny and intelligent, and we got to share the Idol experience together - a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and hopefully something we can repeat sometime in the future.


Weekend went too quickly of course, and now it's back to mundane things - getting BM ready for work next week, and J for his start at the new school.  Least J doesn't have to worry about school uniform anymore (not that he did before, it was just another way for him to subvert the system), and I'm contemplating what Summer Session subject to enrol in - life goes on.


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1. J even managed to do the washing up ::imagines the pile of dishes at Parent Arrival Time minus 2 hours:: :^)

2. So glad you enjoyed Melbourne. Come back again soon!