Hmmm, some good, some bad

We collected J's new computer (notice how it's suddenly J's computer) and set it up in his room.  When we moved the study desk back into the study and set the humungous old clunky CRT monitor on the desk, there was no desk left.  BM said bugger it, and sent me off to buy a 19" widescreen LCD slimline monitor.  It's very pretty.

My meeting went very well with my new Honours Supervisor.  She has actually taught a course which included Buffy at her previous uni (Deakin).  The course was called Myth and Ideology: Supernatural and Superhuman, so she seems to have a handle on the whole thing.  She is also happy for me to go in a popular culture theory bent rather than just concentrating on post-feminist theory.  I'm happy with that.

The university in its infinite wisdom has changed the enrolment system for Honours students, but sort of failed to inform people of said change.  In the Arts Faculty enrolment was all done by the Honours Co-ordinator, now we are supposed to enrol online.  I didn't.  Now supposedly I have to pay a $100 late fee for late enrolment.  I'm not very happy.

Back to tidying.  The advent of this new computer has meant movement of three items of furniture (computer desk, study and a wardrobe), which invariably leads to cleaning, chucking out of stuff etc etc etc.

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WHOA. Is 'your' computer still at the shop? Don't you need a computer more at the moment?

Good luck with the tidying and studying. Boo hiss about uni incompetence.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
BM was able to resurrect the cpu/tower thingy, and we bought an external hard drive and have backed up all our important files. However from the fault that the cpu is displaying we know that's it on it's way out, so we went ahead with buying a new computer anyway.

Will be interested to see what you think about VM, I'm starting to get sick of Rob yanking our chains ....