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ETA: Really not in the mood for the contrariness that is LJ, so hope this post works (unlike the six thousand other entries that I've tried to fix), otherwise I’m going to be one grumpy DuD. More ETA - excuse weird paragraph gaps, can't fix them, LJ sucks sometimes.


Slightly tired and hungover at the moment.  Purchased a TV entertainment unit off eBay (loovvve eBay) yesterday morning which we collected in the afternoon.  It replaced an old tatty cupboard and now houses not only our TV, but also the stereo etc in the kitchen/dining room.  What exactly is interesting about this, well we were able to connect (OK BM connected, I watched/supervised)  the amplifier and speakers to the DVD, which means we can now listen to DVDs in full spinetingling stereo!  Our evening was spent staying up late, drinking beer, and watching bits and pieces of Star Wars (J just got the new DVD set), The Matrix, and Once More With Feeling.  I'm actually going to start my Buffy rewatching all over again ... mmmm .... stereo sound ... mmmm .... We are simple people with simple pleasures.


Five sleeps till Melbourne - woo hoo!


Brief rundown of last night's Idol, this was going to go behind a cut to save those not remotely interested in Australian Idol, but LJ is being weird ::kicks stupid LJ:: 


Casey - Shake Your Groove Thing - she did!


Courtney - Everyone’s A Winner - not necessarily so.


Chanel - Never Can Say Goodbye - umm … maybe the audience can.


Daniel - Working My Way Back To You - don’t bother.


Ricki-Lee - Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough - I’ve had enough, can you please stop now (and since when has Michael Jackson been disco?).


Hayley - If I Can’t Have You - hopefully the voters will want her (a really good performance, may even have convinced you </a></b></a>caraway_.


Anthony - Working At The Carwash - on that performance, could be a viable career choice (BM’s comment ‘is he finished yet’).


Marty - More Than A Woman - he certainly is, a bit like a singing Lex Luthor (the one from Smallville that is, not the movies).


Emelia - Turn The Beat Around - think she needs to turn the tide around, not good, looked like a singing Pauline Hanson, oh dear.


Judges loved Ricki-Lee of course, but were also very praiseworthy towards Casey, Hayley and Marty, not so much for the others.  Dicko commented to Casey that this competition can wear some people down, and others just shine - Chanel has really seemed to lose it in the last couple of weeks whereas Casey, for example, is shining (and Ricki-Lee, unfortunately).  We said damn the expense, and voted for Casey, Hayley and Marty (no personal bias of course!!!).  My pick for the bottom three - Emelia, Chanel and Daniel, but it will probably be Hayley and Marty and Emelia, AGAIN.

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