Cricket commentary

Pardon me my UK friends, but I just want to say, just as well the Poms have Freddie.
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I know they've lost a few of the good players, but he seems to be carrying the biggest load at the moment PLUS he has to captain. Poor guy.
Well, I think they would have been better off leaving Harmison at home... so far all he's been is a liability. Flintoff has definitely been doing more than his share of work, poor sod looks pretty buggered, too.

And what's the deal with trying to maim our bowlers? LOL I swear they are AIMING for body shots rather than the stumps.
maim our bowlers?

Didn't they try that tactic in the Bodyline series?

Poor Freddie looks totally buggered. Just as well he doesn't open for them as well.
LOL ... Well it could just be me, but I thought it looked more like they were aiming for Lee and McGrath rather than for the stumps.

A couple of wickets would be nice before play closes for the day. *evil grin*