Old pic spam, from WWII

When we recently visited my mum, I came across a photo I had never seen before of my dad and his RAAF squadron when they were stationed in New Guinea during WWII.  My dad was a Warrant Officer and flew in a crew of four in Beauford aeroplanes.  The photo is slightly damaged and I am going to see how well photoshopping works on it, or I'll get it restored by a professional.  Anyway here's the picture (downsized for LJ):


Dad never talked much about 'what he did in the war', and refused to go to any Anzac Day ceremonies, but it is interesting to have some sort of documentation of his time in the Royal Australian Air Force.

I'm now girding my loins for a trip into town to commence Christmas shopping ::shudder::
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Ah, the thrill of discovering someone you love in an old photo.

Have a good weekend with your mom, hope you find more.
It's a kind of cool photo with the grass hut in the background, and there's even a guy wearing a pith helmet (not that you can see it in the LJ version)!!!

Familial duties - we all have to succomb ...