Suddenly he's an Aussie again - strewth, I wish he would make up his mind!

Word! ;-)


I can't say I like him all that much at the best of times - bit of a wanker if you aske me

I tend to agree!

OT: how's the study going? I'd love to know why it is that whenever I think that I won't have anything to write on a subject, I end up CONSIDERABLY over the word limit. In some ways, I think being alright at stringing words together gets me through this far more than actually KNOWING anything does, but then I think there's a slight downside to it..and being too verbose is it! ;-) (I think that's the story of my life, actually! ;-))


I'm currently sitting at my laptop attempting to write the first draft chapter of my thesis which is due in this week (I have a number of words, none of them coherent), worrying about the 20 min presentation I have to give the English faculty next Wednesday, whilst being bomarded from the study directly behind me by J's godawful Death Metal crap that he implies is music.

Always easier to cut down on words, than pad it out!!
Always easier to cut down on words, than pad it out!!

That's the other thing. ;-) Looks like I have a helluva editing job in front of me before I can submit this tonight! ;-)


P.S. Have you come across the S3 premiere of VM? I if you want the link... not sure if you are up for it yet - since I'm not sure if you've seen all of S2. And, you know, study. ;-) (Like it stopped me! ;-))
YES PLEASE - must have VM link NOW!!

That would be great Em, I've seen it mentioned here and there, but haven't been able to track it down.

Just have to kick sickly son off other computer to download - Grr Arrgh!!

Right. Now onto editing 500+ words out of the assignment. Bloody hell! :-S

Enjoy! ;-)

Ohh, it opens straight away - well after I removed the first few letters of the URL, for whatever reason. Temptation thy name is Emma. Oh bugger it, must watch now!

Eek - 500 words, damn! Good luck with the editing.