Life stuff

  1. St George-Illawarra lost - I have no words ::sob::
  2. J's girlfriend seems very nice - for the 10 seconds I got to speak to her.  BM amd I are dealing with this new stage in our parental life, but we have survived the first boyfriend/girlfriend overnight stay - how cool are we?.
  3. I'm panicking about my first chapter.
  4. I've suddenly become addicted to "Bones".  Why is it that I'm hapyy to watch DB in a non'BtVS/AtS role but I can't watch JM in any role that isn't Spike?  
  5. I have nothing else to say.

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I'm glad you'e liking Bones. I think David is quite good in it. The second season has begun and it's just as good. It is hard to watch James when he isn't Spike, isn't it? I hope that's a reflection on the parts/scripts he's been given and not a life style. lol He wasn't bad in Smallville, even sexy once in a while, so I saying it's the roles, not the man.

I've only seen a few eps of S1 Bones (it conflicted with another show) but the few ones I did see got me hooked (and I have read all of Reichs' books so I'm not just a TV stalker), so I d/l the first 4 eps of S2, and I'm very hooked. Thank goodness for unlimited downloads!!

Re JM - I tried with Cool Money and Smallville and some other show, but I really think it was Spike that got me. I'm very pleased about his new role, but I probably won't see it regardless. Hopefully the role may give his career a real boost, but I suspect I won't be a member of the paying audience.
Me too, most likely. I've tried to be a good fangirl (didn't even know that term a couple of years, but I can't make myself insist that something is good if it isn't. Went to Sacramento Con to see what he was like in person, and he is cute as a bug. The Queen Mary thing sounds like it would have been fun, but a ridiculous amount of money to spend to be around a guy who won't remember you five minutes later. He does look yummy in all the pics people took, though, so I'm hanging in there until I see how the new movie goes...But Spike's my man - without him, I don't know that James would be on anyone's radar.
ridiculous amount of money

The Queen Mary thing was very expensive, wasn't it? I could have seen him in Melbourne last year, but couldn't warrant the expense either. Think I'll just stick to my Buffy dvds ;)!
I haven't watched Bones yet, are you watching it on Australian TV?

I can't bring myself to watch JM on Smallville either, but maybe I'll watch him in his upcoming movie.
I've only seen a couple of eps of "Bones" on TV but it was enough to get me hooked (granted I have read most of the books written by Kathy Reichs) - but I had excess download time and d/l 4 eps of S2 on Fri night - I enjoyed them, and I really liked DB's character - have no trouble separating him from Angel, unlike JM and Spike. I'm pleased for JM and his new movie, but I don't think I'll be going to see it - not really my style, regardless of the pretty boy!
I'm hooked on Bones as well... it's hard to not watch when Daved looks so good. *dreamy sighs*