Old friends, old enemies

J is now all signed up for the new school, whilst we were doing the formal stuff, the assistant principal came in and introduced himself, all very friendly and this school has a totally different feel to it, so I am really hoping for the best.

Went to lunch with a friend, used to work with her.  She's moving to a new job, and also having her first baby in January, so big changes for her.  Thought when she invited me to lunch that it may be more of a formal farewell do from work, and sure enough it was.  She probably thought I wouldn't come if I knew what it was and who was going to be there.  I think others were uncomfortable with my presence, I couldn't give a toss about theirs.  So what if I was rejected for the permanent position that I had adequately and competently held for six years (but only as a temp).  I hate interviews at the best of times - the fact that 3 out of 4 people on the panel I had worked with for varying amounts of time meant I couldn't lie about my abilities like everyone else does at interviews.  I didn't 'fit' the new look that they wanted for the office, so it was bye bye to me.  Do I hold grudges against any of these people, NO, they barely register as a blip on my screen, but it was interesting to see them squirm in my presence, and make nicey-nicey with me.  I learnt later, after I had left, from my continued contact with co-workers, that it became a very unfriendly and hostile environment to work in, so I was pleased in a way to no longer be there, and probably would have ended up leaving anyway.  As Doris sang "Que, sera, sera".

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I know it shouldn't have, but it did give me a little coil of mean satisfaction, it's nice to feel a little bit superior sometimes.

We've seen a variety of haircuts over the years, from the mushroom cut, to completely shaven, and various stages in between. J is currently growing his hair, now down past his shoulders, and blithely informed me yesterday that he wanted to get dreadlocks, sort of left me a little gobsmacked. Oh well, it's only hair!