Life goes on

Random thought - I've been thinking that I should create another LJ just for my personal rants - I was thinking that my user tag could be DireDebDownUnder.  I would have no flist and therefore none of you would have to put up with my moaning and groaning - does that sound like a plan?

Fandom stuff - on my re-watch of Veronica Mars I was reminded of how much I enjoy clever TV writing and why VM reminds me of BtVS; the intertextual referencing is such a joy i.e. Veronica and Mac turning up at Clemmons house and doing the whole Rocky Horror routine, or in 2:21 when Woody checks in to the lodge under the name of Underhill, my little Lord of the Rings heart went pitter patter - although when I pointed it out to J, he didn't get it, but then I explained to him that if you read the trilogy once a year for 10 years or so (from 15 to 25 or thereabouts), you probably would.  Does that make me a nerd, or just a fanatic??

Why I download - this week Australian TV is showing the 3rd or 4th episode of Season 9 of Stargate SG-1, and Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica is starting.  Bones begins next week.  Veronica Mars (Season 1) which started airing in December last year at 8:30pm on Fridays and ended at episode 10, and then re-started several weeks ago on Friday night at 9:30pm, is now shifting to 10:30pm.  I download because I can and to save the little of my sanity that remains!
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Don't forget S3 of Deadwood that's currently mid run... I seem to recall you mentioning watching the DVDs of the earlier series so I assume it's also a favourite.

And the other altenative to a whole new LJ is to just mark the posts as private or create a custom friends group with maybe just your very closest friends and filter the post using it... Sometimes, even if no one else sees it, just 'writing' stuff down can help. Of course, if the idea of having a whole new layout to play with appeals... And, yeah, I'm a little late to the party, not because I wasn't bothered but because I didn't want to intrude, but I just wanted you to send you hugs.

Re Deadwood - yes have been downloading that as well, think ep 8 was this week. BM and I are slowly working our way through S1&2, while J is waiting for me to download all of S3, then he'll do the big watch.

I do make private posts sometimes - as you say it's remarkable how much better you feel just writing down things.

Thanks for the hugs. We're getting there.
Random responses:

Can crankycaraway_canado-autralian respond to your new site?

What do you think about all those 80s references in VM? It is one of my few pet peeves about VM as opposed to BtVS. I'll buy 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', but would Veronica do a convincing version of 'one way or another' at the Karaoke bar? Seems to me Joss was a little less nostalgic than Rob.

As for live to air, can I just add s4 Scrubs at 11.30 p.m. on Channel 7 and they don't even have their listings on my digital TiVo like object?
crankycaraway_ can play in my sandpit of gloom!

I think RT has admitted to a 80s fascination - maybe Veronica got her music appreciation from Keith?

Don't you love how Aussie tv stations play with us? It's enough to make you want to throw something at the tv - speaking of, will you be watching Australian Idol this year?
Okay, I can buy Veronica listening to her dad's albums, and even Keith liking Blondie (I see him as more of an ELO fan; as you know, I'm not terrifically fond of Keith). But the high school does an 80s theme to homecoming... I tell you it is everywhere on that show!

As for Aus Idol, I'll watch it once, but until they boot Assilands, I suspect I won't wanna get into it. How about you?
would have no flist and therefore none of you would have to put up with my moaning and groaning - does that sound like a plan?

Pfft, no way! Fandom chatter is great and all, but our lives and what we share is what makes us all stick around. And sometimes, it just isn't pretty.

Though now you are making me think of a name for my alternate journal. Like annoying_ali or something :)