Another day, another year older

My boys didn't forget my birthday this year ( they must have really learnt their lesson last year).  J got me a box of chocolates, and better yet, I got a kiss and a hug from him (very rare indeed).  BM got me a six pack of Little Creatures Pale Ale, very much appreciated, and I bought myself the latest Harry Dresden novel (according to Amazon it has shipped!) , my bestest RL friend (who shares my Sci-fi/Fantasy/Gothic Horror/Noir fetish) gave me a bottle of Rose and a lovely pair of Spanish silver earrings bought on her latest trip overseas, and I had cash from Ma and Ma-in-law but J's fees for his course will gobble that up - doesn't matter, it's more important for him to get a start in his career than for me to buy selfish stuff anyway, comes with the one-income family gig - sometimes someone has to compromise (ETA - WOW, is that a major run-on sentence, or what?).

Thank you for your birthday wishes, much appreciated.
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I didn't mean to imply that OTHER people had forgotten my birthday - after Writercon letdown, I'm surprised anyone can remember anything!

Thank you for your good wishes - at 47 (EEK) anything is a plus!!!!
Don't worry about getting me anything. I enjoyed the spanking! I would like to hear you demonstrate the words "I'm coming" though. From what I have read it sounds quite spectacular - HEE!!!
I'm late!

Happy birthday, hun! Chocolates, a kiss and a hug, and pale ale sounds pretty cool to me> Hope you had a grand day and I wish you health and happiness for the coming year. *hugs* xxx
NO, not late at all - there's still 47 minutes of today left!

Thank you for your good wishes, and yes, the pale ale was very cool, and I even have some left for tomorrow!!!
Yeah, I'm another late arrival...because I didn't actually realise when your birthday WAS! :-S


So glad you had a good one! :-D