He starts next Tuesday.  Hoo*bloody*ray!
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Oh, that's fantastic! Congratulations to you all - especially J! :-D

He's the one that deserves the accolades - who would of thought getting into a TAFE course was so bloody hard!
Indeed! ;-)

Don't discount the value of a mother's love and support, though! ;-)

Oh, great! I knew you had a bright boy. Is he pleased?
Boy that was a bit of a rant wasn't it? Late night replying after an emotional day isn't always a good thing. I apologise!!!!
You can already see the improvement in his demeanour. Self-image is so fragile.

::Sob:: I hope you have a great weekend. Wish I was there. ::More sobs, and a disturbing rendition of a Pink Floyd song that you're probably too young to remember::
Thank you. It really is all J's credit because he iss the one that did the work.

It's just such a feeling of relief that finally things are working out for him.