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Goodbyes, new starts and a rant

J just drove off, heading to school to tie up loose ends before his transfer to the new school, and to say goodbye to some of his friends.  He seems to be OK with his decision to transfer, but I guess he will be a little sad at leaving his friends after 5 years at high school - some of them he has known longer, since pre-school and primary school - so it will be interesting to see how he is when he returns home.  His dad and I hope that the move will restore his confidence in himself, and renew his interest in his studies - fingers crossed.  Lord love a duck (and what the hell does that expression mean anyway), parenting never gets easier.

New fic is getting pretty thin on the ground, and recently there has been some new entries to the field, one of which I was reading last night.  For whatever reason I found myself not enjoying the fic at all, even though it had Spike and Buffy, reunions, the Scoobies, the Fang Gang, the character voices were good, all elements for a good fic, but I kept getting this feeling of smugness about the author, like he/she was enjoying playing the readers, using her/his new found knowledge of the Buffyverse to twist and skew stories that seem to be paying homage to the characters, but actually covertly poke fun at the fans.  I also quite like Buffy, and recognise and accept all her flaws, insecurities, failings etc etc,  I don't particularly enjoy reading about what a bitch she is, and how she deserves to be isolated or rejected, or have an epiphany on how awful, terrible, rotten, bitchy she is (her epiphanies never stick anyway), a view which is then supported by feedback from fawning sycophants praising Buffy's smackdown, and the sheer brilliance of the writer.  

I've been getting this feeling of discomfort with several pieces I have been reading lately, and have now decided (epiphany time for DuD) that even though there is little new fanfic happening, I will no longer read something that I sort of like, a little, maybe, just to read some Spuffy stuff.  So this is me voting with a mouse click, deleting some 'favourites' (there's a misnomer if there ever was one), and desperately awaiting updates on fave fics by wonderful, been around a while, authors who know and love the characters for themselves (rather than using them in a literary experiment like the afore-not-mentioned writer) such as fer1213 , rahirahcousinjean , herself_nyc et al (disclaimer: names chosen randomly only because I know their LJ moniker and too lazy to look up others).  Here endeth the rant.

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