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Eek - just had my meeting with my Honours supervisor. She's very excited about my thesis - not sure whether I am anymore ;-)! Looks like I have a lot of research in front of me. The intro alone will run to several pages as I have to look at the literary history of the genres I'm dealing with, so I'll have to look at the advent of hard boiled detectives and noir, and it's evolution from books to film to television in the case of Veronica Mars. Buffy is another matter all together - it's such a mix of genres, not sure where to start. What do you think Flisters?

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It is hard to categorise. Good old Wikipedia puts it like this, "the show is noteworthy in part for its blending of genres, including horror, martial arts, romance, melodrama, farce, screwball comedy, and even (in one memorable episode) musical comedy."

I think it's probably in the literary tradition of gothic novels which in turn lead to the sub-genre of the horror film which (again quoting Wikipedia) is "characterized by the attempt to make the viewer experience fright, fear, terror, disgust or horror. Its plots often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage, sometimes of supernatural origin, into the mundane world."