I hate writing essays.  I'm madly attempting to finish my last ever essay for my BA at the moment (due to be handed in by 5pm today) and I'm struggling.  If I press the word count button one more time it may explode.  I'm up to 1200, only need another 1300 ::sob::  Fidelity in text to screen adaptation looking at Shakespeare's Richard III plus Al Pacino's Looking for Richard plus Bridget Jones's Diary, the book and the movie, really is not a fun way to spend a rainy Monday.  I can only imagine what writing 15000 words for my Honours thesis will be like but at least this time I've chosen the texts.  I mean how easy will it be to write that many words about Buffy and Veronica Mars - it's doable, right, right ....

I'm also hoping that once this essay is complete that my eczema will disappear as I'm back on cortisone tablets to reduce the inflammation and itching.  Have a whole boatload of health things on hold at the moment that I must attend to very soon such as a pap smear and breastscreen, and possibly allergy testing if the welts turn out not to be nervous eczema.  Getting old is just great, and I still have menopause to look forward to - yea hah!!

Think I'll go bang my head against the desk for a bit longer, or possibly make lunch.

ETA: It's done, handed in with 10 minutes to spare.  It's nowhere need the word limit, but after 8 years I don't give a damn.  I only need 4/40 to get a Pass, so that's fine by me.
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Glad you got the essay done and handed in - and you've also reminded me that I have a letter somewhere telling me I need to have a smear test. :(
It's very easy to 'forget' about smear tests - not the most comfortable thing to go through, but I was treated for the beginnings of cervical cancer (can't remember the exact medical terminology) so I really should know better than to put it off.

Finally watched the latest Dr Who - both my son and I hate those three little words "to be continued" - arrgghh!!!!
Betcha you'll get an H1.

I've been trying to turn a fellow delegate here, a Trek fan (but not the original, just TNG onwards), onto Veronica Mars. You may have to start a website to convert those feminist sci fi fans onto film noir.
Not too sure about a good mark on this one - at least I've already got two Ds at 3rd year level for the Honours programme, so the pressure wasn't there to do anything but pass this subject.

People need to look past the teenager at high school melodrama thing, and as you suggest, appreciate it's noirish concept.
I handed in my second last assignment for the semester, it was an essay of the not fun variety so I'm super glad to have it done with.

Good luck sweets!
an essay of the not fun variety

Oh, I know how that feels. Good luck with the rest of your uni stuff.

Belated birthday wishes too!!!! Hope you had a great day.