It's 4:30pm and instead of working on my final essay, I'm sitting at my desk staring out the window at the wonderful rain.  I honestly can't remember the last time it rained so heavily for so long - it's been absolutely pouring down for most of the day.  Hopefully other parts of the state are getting wet as well - 60% of New South Wales has been declared drought stricken.  Water restrictions now seem a way of life - always surprised when Mum mentions using the sprinkler to water the garden - we haven't been able to use sprinklers or wash cars with a hose for a couple of years now, and can only water by hand-held hose on Wednesdays and Sundays before 10am and after 4pm.   I've even taken to draining the rinse water from the washing machine onto the most stressed plants in the garden.  

Have finally managed to get J to watch the newest incarnation of Dr Who.  He is thoroughly enjoying it - he particularly likes Christopher Ecclestone so will be interesting to see how he reacts to the regeneration.

Have nearly finished a re-watch of Veronica Mars S1 (just about to watch 1:17) - boy, did I miss a lot of action/dialogue on the dodgy video cds I burnt last year.   Lots of little things are falling into place, as they often do on a re-watch, but I'm also getting to see things or hear things because the file isn't skipping or out of synch. It really is worth the little more to burn the files to a dvd plus I don't have to spend hours converting avi files to mpeg because the programme on the laptop burns avi files direct to dvd.  Have no idea how or why, but am just happy that it does.

Thank you to those who wished J a happy birthday.  He had a reasonably quiet day.  I cooked one of his favourite meals for tea, Steak Dianne, and we had chocolate mudcake for dessert (courtesy of Michel's Patisserie).  Afterwards he went for a few drinks at a mate's place.  He got mostly money for presents, and I gave him Deadwood S2.

Oh well, enough of watching the rain, better go organise the evening meal.  Tonight it's nachos!
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So pleased for your rain. It's such a beautiful sound when you haven't had any for a long time. And it makes the earth smell so good.

Using the grey water from the washing machine is a really good idea. We never get droughts on your scale, but I know if we had serious water restrictions, I'd be doing that too. I'd also probably put a bucket in the shower with me! (I have a real Depression mentality -- always preparing in my head for what to do if calamity strikes!)
Looks like we're going to be getting more rain in the next day or so. Even after yesterday's rain, the plants look brighter - maybe they're just cleaner with the dust washed off!

You can actually get fitting for your washing machine to take the grey water directly outside - I just use the hose to syphen it out of the sink.
Deb, thank you so much for the dinosaur CD -- I'm sure the kids will be thrilled. How kind of you to think of us! You're very very generous and don't think it is not appreciated! xx
Oohh, that was quick. I was burning a copy for my great-niece (who my niece tells me is not a girly girl at all) and I thought your boys might like it as well - I mean what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs!

It was about the only cd that didn't drive us insane in the car - the Conway Brothers used to be in a band called Captain Matchbox and the Whooppee Band (singing such classics as My Canary has Circles Under His Eyes and Fernando's Hideaway) and are actually quite musically talented and therefore eminently listenable. I think one of the brothers ended up with a serious muscular or neurological disease and couldn't play instruments anymore - great pity.
It was!

Sounds like sunny LA is getting to you - didn't Giles complain about the sunniness of Sunnydale too.