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Oh hell, what have I let myself in for

Apparently it's up to the student to chase up an Honours supervisor, so I've been busy e-mailing various English lecturers to find out who is available and who would be interested and who has the time. I got a reply back today from one of the recommended lecturers who unfortunately has a busy schedule, but he has spoken to another lecturer who apparently is keen to be my supervisor - Yay.  This is what he said in the e-mail:

"Your thesis sounds interesting - and fun. But I'm already quite busy with current Honours supervisions, so I've suggested to Graham that  Monique R  would be a suitable person to oversee your project. Monique's own research interests include American popular culture and TV, so she's an eminently appropriate supervisor. I've spoken to her about your thesis, and she's eager to talk to you about it. She'll contact you shortly to arrange a meeting."

So now I have to really think about the framing of my thesis topic beyond this half-arsed effort: "my possible thesis will be a textual comparison of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars looking closely at the differences/similarities between the female protagonists of each show, and various themes of high school/college life as represented on the shows."  Fifteen thousand words really isn't a lot to write in a year, is it?

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I thought you would end up with your French-Canadian bloke, but he's head of department, isn't he? That's great about the enthusiasm from Monique (another Canadian?). As for your write-up, I would love an honour's student who started off with a nice coherent sentence like that. Just don't call it a possible thesis any more!
If Gerry wasn't taking next year off he would have been my supervisor, don't know whether I'm pleased or not - was you get past his ego, he's not a bad bloke even if he does have an appalling sense of humour. He's also stepping down as the Head of English Studies, Languages and Philosophy.

Yeah, it does look like the thesis is a goer - who would have thunk it? Will be interesting to see what Monique has to say when I meet ith her (I think she may be English, I've only had her for one subject, and it was half face-to-face, half on-line).

If I can ever get J off the other computer I will start the next Lost download - of course being the last ep they'll tantalise us with a little, and leave us hanging with an almighty cliffhanger ... till next season, folks!!!

You must be ready to head off soon - bon voyage for the trip, hope all things, personal and professional, go well for you.
Thank you honey! Off on Saturday. I'll try to update, and stay off Lost spoilers (though my assumption is that they will cut out in the middle of the Big Battle in 2.22).
I agree, sounds like a fun topic! *g*

Watching the soccer game tonight? ::bounces in excitement over something I don't normally watch::
Fun - the research will be fun, the writing, not so much!

Soccer - switching over in ads I have to get my dose of bad TV from Vegas on Thursdays ...
No 15,000 words is bugger all, once you have the bit between your teeth and particularly since you know your subjects so intimately. Go for it!
Exactly -- the perfect excuse to watch everything again -- which will be bound to give you more than enough ideas to work with.