YES!!!! Gotta love Academia!!!!!

Had meeting with English Literature Honours Co-ordinator today. Looks like I'll be starting my Honours year in Spring Semester 2006 (WOOT!!), as long as I pass this last subject, that is. I've fulfilled the entry requirements in both my Eng Lit and Cultural Studies majors (qualified at University of Wollongong for the award of a relevant pass bachelor degree, with an average of at least 70% across the major in which the Honours degree will be undertaken, with the additional requirement of a Distinction in two subjects at 300 level in the specific major). So now I just need to decide if it will be a straight English or Cultural Studies Honours, or a cross discipline one.

We also discussed my possible subject for the Honours Thesis, and when I mumbled something about textual analysis of two TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars, and comparison of the female protagonists in a high school setting, he seemed quite enthusiastic about the topic, and felt I would have no difficulty in getting a supervisor for such a project (yippee!!! - I get to write about Buffy and Veronica, I so love academc studies today!!!!!!). We then went on to discuss Joss Whedon and Firefly (he's only just found out about the series) - I told him he must watch it, because of the self-referential and self-reflexive way that Joss deals with tropes of the western. Hey, I can sound mildly academically intelligent when I need to!

Sheesh, reality sets in ... 15,000 words on one topic ... gawd, what have I got myself into ...

Here's a poll to find out what you think, and make LJ happy because it keeps telling me I can creat a poll - so here it is.

Poll #729757 Am I crazy

Am I crazy to being doing Honours?

Should seek professional opinion

Are "Buffy" and "Veronica Mars" open to direct comparison?

You're out of your tree to even think so!
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I wanted to clarify this, even though i I do know that yes, I still know I'll be alone in my opinion and I'm okay with that :)

What i should also add is that those that I've read I haven't liked and disagreed with them, which is why "no" is an auto-reponse. But really, this should not to say that you can't do something much better under the comparison of two female leads in an HS setting.
Re: Repost
I've seen a lot of media comparisons between them but I haven't read any academic articles so far. I know Rhonda Wilcox (who has written a lot of Buffy articles/books) is doing a VM book expected to be out next year. Think the problem with what I have read is that the comparison is done ONLY because Buffy and VM are female and the show is set in HS, without actually looking closer or deeper. Not saying I'll do any better, or even that I agree, or am even sure what direction I'm heading in, but I'm just pleased that the Honours guy didn't fall out of his chair laughing at my suggestion, and hey, you're entitled to your opinion!
You needed an I don't know option for the secong poll! I haven't watched any VM hence my 'out of your tree' selection.

As for the Honours thing - I personally wouldn't do it and think you are crazy for wanting even more work, but if it's what you want to do then good on you! All that extra writing makes me go GAH!

Hope your paper on BtVS and VM goes well.
I keep forgetting that people here in Oz haven't seen all of VM.

Oh, I am crazy, but what else is there for an unemployed 47 yr old to do - may as well keep myself busy, although I suspect there will also be a lot of hair pulling as well. Eek, 15000 words!