Idol moments

For you caraway_ , hope the LA smog isn't getting to you too badly.


Unlike last week, the songs chosen were all representative of the era - some even iconic.  Sadly I’m now going to include a link to the official site, because it actually has a good rundown of the judges comments, better than my feeble recollection anyway -


Here are my brief thoughts:


Emelia “Anyone Who Had A Heart” - good song choice, looked fabulous.  Seems to have stepped up again.


Ricki-Lee “Proud Mary” - one of the himbo DJs introduced this song as a Tina Turner song, ever heard of Creedence Clearwater Revival guys?  Got me off-side from the start.  Had some sort of white afro thing happening with her hair, and a slutty top with fringes, sang really badly, notes all over the place BUT the judges absolutely, friggin’ loved her, ‘you go girlfriend’ (read official site for further comments).  WHAT IS IT ABOUT HER THAT MAKES THEM LIKE HER SO MUCH!!!  She is now officially on my all time hate list. ETA - well that wasn't ranty at all, was it - does anyone get the feeling that I don't like this person?


Anthony “Gimme Some Loving” - I don’t want to like him, but …  Actually did a really good job, not too much trilling.  Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - what were you thinking - she actually called him the Italian Stallion.


Amali “I Say A Little Prayer” - no cleavage this week, but showed a bit of leg, with some funky knee-hi boots, very 60s.  What no comment on her singing you ask - very average unfortunately.


Daniel “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” - hair fluffy again, that’s about all I noticed, very ho hum.


Marty “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” - gotta say I really like Marty because he dares to be different, but …


Hayley “To Sir With Love” - nice outfit, did a good job of a difficult song, but didn’t blow me away with her performance this week.


Courtney “Spinning Wheel” - hey, anyone who does a Blood, Sweat and Tears number has won me.  Not sure about the little funky dance moves he tried, but a really solid performance.  Much discussion about his weight after - once again see official site, if you’re interested in the comments.


Chanel “Walk On By” - first ‘bad note’ she’s struck.  Chanel even commented at the end that the song was all wrong for her, but by the time she realised it, it was too late to change.  Don’t think it will be enough to affect her, but who knows.


Casey “Somebody To Love” - I thought this was a really good choice for Casey, suited her voice, and there has also been a recent cover version of this song, which will be fresh in the minds of the audience.  I thought it was the best performance of the night, the judges didn’t.


So who got our votes - Courtney and Casey.  Who do I think will be on the bottom - Amali, Daniel, Marty, possibly Hayley.  Who will go - probably Marty.  Who do I hate the most - Ricki-Lee.  Who annoys me the most - Ricki-Lee.  Who do I never want to see again - Ricki-Lee. 


I actually think that rather than vote people to stay, we should be able to vote people off - guess who would be my first choice to go.


DuD (that's short for DownUnderDeb) signing off for now. 


Coming up soon - who will be leaving the Idol nest this week.

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