Good day all round

  1. My presentation at uni went well - pretty much made the 15 mins limit, without major panic attack, although my body broke out in major itchy welts.
  2. BM's job flux situation seems close to resolution, so he's much happier.
  3. Ma-In-Law seems mostly stable at the moment.
  4. J seems to be in a good mental place at the moment.


The Beaconsfield miners got out this morning, after fourteen days trapped underground, it's bloody amazing - go you good things!!!!  Plus they're enjoying a beer at their local pub tonight - the Aussie spirit is pretty indomitable.  Hearing that news this morning before I went to uni pretty well set the mood for my day.

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Glad your day went well, and was really pleased to hear the news about the miners last night.

Love your dizzy dalek, too.
Looks like the miners' are going to make some SERIOUS money out of their stories - good on them, they deserve it after what they went through.

Not my dizzy dalek, I'm just an icon whore of other people's creativity!
It really was an extraordinary rescue. I loved the interview with the explosives expert who said how terrifying it was each time they blasted, hoping they hadn't triggered off some major rockfall and killed them. And he described how he was linked up with the trapped guys and they would count down together to the blasts, so they could brace themselves for the shockwaves.
The rescue was particularly amazing, but the media vying for their story is excruciating to watch - very much a case of what you can do, I can do better. One TV station is hosting a 'concert' during their breakfast show next Wed, whilst another has hopped in and held a benefit during "The Footy Show" tonight - all rather pathetic actually.