Moving right along

I'm in some weird medical cyclical hell - if I'm not suffering from some form of bronch/sinus/tonsil-itis, I'm covered in allergic spots.  So at the moment my cough is improving, but I'm now breaking out in itchy red spots all over.  Maybe the spots are psychological - J has a selection exam / interview for an apprenticeship tomorrow, and I have a presentation for uni next week (which I loathe and detest - me and public speaking - so NOT mixy).  Obviously my internal stress is becoming a physical entity.

Have enjoyed watching my shows this week (thank you Optus for my new downloading capacity) - I've tried not to spoil anyone.

- Dr Who rocked.  I got all teary seeing Sarah-Jane and K-9.
- Gilmore Girls - hmmm ... so it is true about the main actors, they don't even appear on screen together anymore.  Is there going to be a 6th season?
- Veronica Mars - OK, what's left for the season finale?  Pleased to see I actually figured out a plot device before it was revealed (Go Me!) - the hair that BBC (that's Big Breasted Charisma) collected from Logan's shower, played an important role ...

Still downloading the new Lost - will catch it tomorrow.

Off to bed early so I can get J up in time for his appointment tomorrow ::fingers, toes etc crossed::

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Why are you worrying about J? He's bound to get a job, isn't he? He's a smart boy. And as for your presentation, you have a lot more guts than most of us, going on that TV show. I'm sure you'll both be fine.

Have you been to the doctor about your allergic reactions?

(Just about to watch the second Dr Who tonight -- I've got a heavy flu-ish cold and kept falling asleep during the first one... so I'm not sure what I thought of it. Will watch again and report.)
I'll try again (LJ ate my reply).

I'm a MUM - it's my job to worry. Just posted about J's day - he did well in the tests, scored 98 (highest for Maths), 96, 94 (or 92) and 86. He's one of 20 going for 10 positions, so fingers are crossed.

Sorry you not feeling the best - hope The Doctor helps you feel a little better.
I'm a MUM - it's my job to worry.

Yes, you're quite right! I think I sometimes feel you worry less about your kids when they're older but clearly that aint true! I just don't want you to be sick with worry! It could be generalised stress that's making you break out in a rash -- your mother-in-law situation is an ongoing thing you'll be facing. But J's clearly a bright boy -- those are good marks. I'm sure he'll get through. And if not this, then something else. Is he still keen on the army thing? He was going to reapply, wasn't he?