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Just shoot me now

Boy, am I sick of being sick - feels like I've had the flu since February.  Have another bout of sinusitis and bronchitis, and am again on antiobiotics.  I think my immune system must be shot to hell - maybe it's part of getting old and decrepit, and I still have menopause to look forward to - can hardly wait.  

Consequently my two week uni break has, in no way, been as productive as I would have liked - between bathroom renovation chaos and the flu from hell, I have not even managed to finish reading the book I'm presenting on, let alone start working on my presentation.  Least I've got another week to go - hopefully the antibiotics will kick in in a day or so, and I won't feel like hacking up a lung all the time.  In the meantime I have to watch Bridget Jones Diary for this afternoon's lecture (and there's a phrase I never thought I would write!!).

Finally managed to find a reasonable torrent of the latest Dr Who (13 minutes to go!!!!!!), so will treat myself to that this afternoon ::yummy, yummy Mr Tennant::  Off to doing some shopping.
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Can you email Brendan Nelson that you have to watch Bridget Jones' Diary so you can do a post-modern decontruction of it for your English class? Pleeeeaazzzze? :^)

Sorry that you are still caught on the rollercoaster of illness (the Tunnel of Phlegm). Chicken soup?

Thanks muchly for the latest care package. I'm on the edge of my seat about VM, but I'm afraid Dr. Who, along with Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly, and the X-Files, remains a bit of a mystery to me.
Sheesh, there's enough bad vibes about the dumbing down of English as it is. Besides ::stomps feet:: THIS is serious academic stuff, OK?

Sci-fi is a thing you either get or not, I guess. Seeing as I grew up on a TV diet of Dr Who, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants etc etc, sci-fi took over my psyche very early on.

Another VM care package on the way tomorrow - otherwise it would be two doses of heavy angst together - believe me, you will need a breather.
Aw, sweetie, hope you get a break with the illness! *healing vibes*

In the meantime I have to watch Bridget Jones Diary for this afternoon's lecture (and there's a phrase I never thought I would write!!).

Heh, I'm curious now. What is the lecture on?
Thanks for the vibes.

I didn't make the lecture - long story, but as we are doing the adaptation process from novel to film, and we looked at the novel last lecture, it would have been about elements of the film adaptation. The seminar tomorrow will look at that more closely - here are the topics to be presented, if you're interested:

- Fielding's novel uses the diary form to capture Bridget's thoughts, and one achievment of the film lies in its cinematic representation of the first-person intimacy of the diary. Do you agree that the film successfully adopts the novel's confessional tone and subjective perspective?

- Discuss the transformation of Bridget Jones' Diary from social satire to romantic comedy. How does adherence to generic conventions shape the screen adaptation?

- Choose a selection of significant changes / ommissions / additions that occur in the process if adapting Bridget Jones' Diary. Why do you think the filmmakers resisted fidelity in these instances? Discuss the implications of their choices.
Hope the antibiotics kick in soon and rid you completely of all these horrid infections.

Hope you enjoyed Dr Who - I take it this is the wonderful Sarah-Jane and ASH episode.
Think I'm going to have to stick to a few rounds of antibiotics, regardless of the yukky side effects, and shift this disease once and for all. Thanks for your good wishes.

Yes, it is the WONDERFUL episode with Sarah-Jane (how marvellous to see her again, and so poignant between The Doctor and herself) and ASH (isn't he deliciously creepy). I'm only half-way through - had to break for tea preparations.
Dr Who has arrived! S collected the mail and when I told him what the package was, he carried it reverently into the house. He loves Dr Who. I know, that at age four he is slightly under the demographic, but too bad. We all love The Dr Dances. We have been watching that a lot lately.
That was quick - under a week! Hope you enjoy. The latest one (Ep 3) was wonderful (and even made me cry, but I'm such a sap anyway).